Robot Hearts And Minds

12 April 2012 by Steve Lamacq
Robot Hearts And Minds

Cute isn’t the word! Who are ALTO 45? Where did they come from? How have they chanced upon, or engineered this broken-hearted pop sound.

For starters, they don’t look like a pop band. They look like a team from Scrapheap Challenge (even they realise this, knowingly donning lab coats to confront all our prejudices about what bands should look like).

They are clever though. There is a real understanding of pop music in what they do (simplicity, innocence, cunning…it is all here). ‘Robot Heart’ is almost Pete & The Pirates-esque, but more stripped down. So much so, it doesn’t sound like it’s doing anything at all when you first hear it.

But I’ve been hooked on this single now for THREE DAYS. It’s like a children’s story (again, I think they might know this, because some of the electronic noises sound like kids toys). It’s a brave little record, the sort cool kids will pick on in the playground. Yet it has a dignity you don’t come across that often these days.

Well done them.

You’ll find the single on Bandcamp here


Hm, I’m sure Grandaddy have already made this song (plus a few more like it!) on The Sophtware Slump…!

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