1 June 2011 by Steve Lamacq

Bumped into two of the KAISER CHIEFS at last week’s enthralling Pete & The Pirates gig at Heaven on Thursday and they seem in really good form.

Simon and Nick mentioned the single ‘Little Shocks’ being unleashed this week but given all their Twitter murmurings about plotting and scheming for the future, I suspect there’s more to come at some point (listen to me and my Sherlock Holmes complex).

In the meantime they’ve given us this EXCLUSIVE download of another new track called ‘Starts With Nothing’, which, like the ‘Shocks’ single, shows a definite shift in their sound.

It feels a little darker, both musically and lyrically (plus this one sporadically erupts into a kind of psychedelic storm; count them! There’s Two Big Rock Out Moments!). The sound is denser too and weirdly a bit fatalistic, as if there’s some gauntlet being laid down here.

It is them, but different. See what you think.

You can also find the video to ‘Little Shocks’ on their website

Kaiser Chiefs - Starts With Nothing

Download (7.58MB)


Allright, it’s different, but not bad at all. :-)

Different, but good.

i love too much kaiser chiefs <3 aww

top track

if you want some cover art for it…


Works for me. Well done lads (should declare a conflict of interest here: I’m from Leeds and our singer lives next door to Peanut’s dad).

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